"That was one of the best days I have spent on the Gold Coast. I learned so much but want to know more. I will be back!"

Jingeri Wallal Wahlu


Touch the spirit that lives in the heart of the Gold Coast.
Feel the legend of Jellurgal.


Journey to a land where time stood still. Where white fingers of sand stretched into the mangroves, where dugongs and dolphins frolicked by the water’s edge and where the dreamtime giant, Jabreen, stood guard over Burleigh headland, and its abundant bushland and pristine estuary waters.

Your journey begins at Jellurgal.


Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre offers amazing and accurate insight into the spirituality and society of the Yugambeh Aboriginal people, one of the oldest living cultures in the world.

Take a guided tour of Jellurgal, where countless culturally significant sites, including an ancient midden, have played an important role in the lives of Aboriginal people, both socially and environmentally.
You will learn about the Aboriginal history and culture of the Gold Coast. Meet a traditional land owner, and hear the dreamtime stories associated with the creation of the mountain, Jellurgal.
Learn about life in the bush, the traditional bush foods, fishing, hunting and the important ecological practices and connection to the land displayed by the Yugambeh people for thousands of decades.
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All Jellurgal tours must be booked in advance.


Fishy addition now on display

Check out this traditional fish trap now at Jellurgal

Jellurgal's Interactive Early Education Program

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