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Jellurgal tours for local school groups are an immersive three-hour educational experience. 

The tour includes:

  • a presentation in our Dreaming Amphitheatre inclusive of 3D map interpretation
  • a live Aboriginal didgeridoo performance (subject to change due to COVID-19 space and capacity restrictions) and ochre anointment
  • a guided walk to the ancient midden located on the Dreaming Mountain, Jellurgal.

Commentary on this tour is specifically adapted to suit primary and secondary school children aged 10-17 years and has been formulated to be relevant to the school curriculum, in particular, Indigenous Studies.

During the tour, students will learn:

  • Aboriginal stories and Dreamtime legends relevant to the areas visited
  • ecological practices of Traditional Custodians
  • native flora and fauna and its relevance to the lifestyle and day-to-day practices of the people who inhabited the mountain thousands of years ago.

Time is allocated for a morning tea break and groups can utilise the seating area on the shaded Jellurgal veranda.

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3 hours
(9.30am - 12.30pm)


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