Jellurgal International school-based tours are specifically designed to introduce international students to the wondrous nature of Aboriginal culture and heritage.

Students will also have the chance to learn about Australian native fauna and flora.

The four-hour education experience includes:

  • a presentation in our Dreaming Amphitheatre inclusive of 3D map interpretation
  • a live Aboriginal dance performance and ochre anointment
  • a guided walk to the ancient midden located on the Dreaming Mountain, Jellurgal
  • morning tea on Jellurgal's shaded verandah area
  • an art workshop where students will design and paint their own 
  • piece of Aboriginal Art to take home.

During the tour, students will learn:

  • Aboriginal stories and Dreamtime legends relevant to the areas visited
  • ecological practices of traditional land owners
  • cultural awareness and cross-cultural sensitivity
  • native flora and fauna and its relevance to the lifestyle and day-to-day practices of the people who inhabited the mountain thousands of years ago.

For more information, download the International School Tours flyer or contact Jellurgal to make a booking.


4 hours
(9.30am - 1.30pm)


$40 per person + GST
(teachers and interpreters free of charge)