Jason Passfield

Jason Passfield

Jason Passfield is an Aboriginal artist from the Gamilaroi/Gamilaraay and Gomeroi peoples. 

Jason was born in 1966, has been painting most of his life and now resides on the Gold Coast. He has exhibited with other Aboriginal artists from different parts of New South Wales and South East Queensland. You will find some of Jason's artwork hanging in a number of major hotels across the Gold Coast.

Apart from paintings, Jason also creates other forms of artwork from Aboriginal tattoo designs to Aboriginal designs engraved into various types of glassware including mirrors, wine glasses and more. His style is a mixture of both traditional and contemporary and often includes native animals from across Australia. Jason hopes to keep Aboriginal Art Culture alive. By painting these animals it keeps their spirit alive. A lot of Jason's artworks are a reflection of his travels and family story lines.

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Crocodile and Rainbow Serpent Dreamtime

"Crocodile and Rainbow Serpent Dreamtime" acrylic on canvas. Stretched ready to hang.


Maliyan Rising

"Maliyan Rising" acrylic on canvas. Stretched ready to hang.


Maliyan In Flight

"Eagles Nesting" acrylic on canvas. Stretched ready to hang.